Ovulation Fertility Scope Saliva Based Bia Lady Q Microscope

The Lady-Q fertility ovulation scope is a state-of-the-art hand-held mini-microscope that allows you to predict the most fertile time of your ovulation period. The Lady Q is designed to work anywhere at anytime with ease and 98% accuracy. When a woman is about to ovulate, her saliva begins to form a distinct crystal, fern-like pattern due to an increase in estrogen levels. The user simply licks the Lady-Q lens, allows the saliva to dry for 2-3 minutes, and then reads the result. By looking at dried saliva through the Lady-Q, a woman can accurately determine her fertile period. There may be one of three results: infertile period where pebbly structures of undefinable nature, the transitional period where few crystalline structures are visible, and the fertile period where clearly formed estrogen crystals are visible in fern-like pattern (refer to instructions). For ordinary Women, the ovulation continues for about 6 days a fortnight before menstruation. Women who suffer from an irregular cycle of menstruation may calculate there cycles of ovulation incorrectly. The Lady-Q will help monitor this.• Lady-Q is a personal ovulation microscope that allows you to predict ovulation – your most fertile time of the month to conceive.
• Powerful 60X magnification lens for 98% accuracy and ease-of-use
• Helps you detect your saliva ferning patterns to help you pinpoint when you are ovulating
• This product is ideal for people with longer or irregular cycles
• The size of the lipstick case


Price: $21.50
(as of Aug 20,2018 13:54:17 UTC – Details)

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