MASTAPLASTA Peel and Stick First-Aid Leather Repair Band-Aid for Furniture, Bandage, 1.5-Inch by 4-Inch, Black

Just peel and stick a MastaPlasta Band-Aid in your choice of color to cover any holes, scratches, rips or stains on sofas, office seating, car seats, bean bags, leather jackets. It’s easy, cheap and it looks great. It stops rips dead in their tracks. You don’t need any damage, use it for decoration or to identify luggage. Made in England. MastaPlastas are made from Axiomhide, the luxury alternative to real leather found on first-class airline seats and yachts. It can handle hospital-strength cleaning agents but is as soft to the touch as the finest Italian leathers. This BANDAGE design measures 1.5-inch by 4-inch. You have chosen it in BLACK. It sticks to leather, vinyl and many other upholstery fabrics but is not suitable for machine washing. Other colors, designs and sizes are also available on Amazon.Save your sofa, office seating, car seat, handbag, briefcase, leather jacket
Leather repair or just for decoration; easy, cheap and looks great; no one will ever know you’re hiding a hole or stain
Works on leather, suede, vinyl and most upholstery fabrics
Next day delivery by Amazon available
So simple, so effective, just peel and stick


Price: $12.95
(as of Jul 14,2018 03:03:55 UTC – Details)

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