House Day Silver Safety Pins Pack of 1440, 1.1 inch Safety Pins Bulk, for Home, Office Use, Sewing Pins, Fabric, Fashion, Craft Pins, Marathon, First Aid Kit, Diaper Pins

This safety pins bulk box from House Day has a multitude of uses around the home or office! Add them to your sewing kit for the safest sewing pins available, and use during knitting, quilting, needle thread work, and any number of other craft projects. Our craft pins are sharp enough to pierce even thick cotton canvas, making them the perfect fabric pins for all your dressmaking needs. Ideally suited for use as diaper safety pins, these fabric pins will securely hold your baby’s diaper fastened without the risk of injury. Our baby pins for diapers are reusable, and hold their shape over time, making them the most economical saftey pins you can buy!

Use this pack of 1440 safety pins to quickly attach tickets and tags to clothing at consignment sales, yard sales, or in your clothing store. Make emergency repairs to torn garments and lost buttons by keeping some of these safety pins in your purse for patching up clothing on the go. A key item for your home or office first aid kit, these fabric pins will securely fasten bandages and slings together and hold them in place. The 1.1-inch pin size and sturdy durable composition make these pins for clothes a versatile and essential purchase that no home or workplace should be without! Click “add to cart” and buy today! House Day guarantee you will love the quality and usability of these silver safety pins!
A HOME ESSENTIAL – This pack of 1440 safety pins from House Day is an indispensable addition to your store cupboard! The 1.1-inch safety pins are silver in color and completely safe to use. The clasp covers the sharp point to protect the user and prevent injury and forms a closed loop to hold fabrics together.
GREAT FOR CRAFTING – An essential part of your sewing kit, these safety pins can be used to fasten fabrics together whilst you sew. Other sewing pins can be small and flimsy with no safety clasp, but our fabric pins securely hold materials in place without causing damage or large holes. Our pins for clothes can be applied quickly and with minimum risk of injury making them great for craft projects. Use our craft pins for quilting, embroidery tasks, and even jewelry making!
IDEAL DIAPER PINS – With their sturdy safety clasp and cover, these saftey pins make excellent baby pins for diapers! Fasten together your baby’s cloth diapers quickly zand safely with no chance of baby being pricked by the sharp point. Reusable and economical, our diaper safety pins will keep baby’s cloth nappy firmly in place and help you do your bit for the environment by eliminating the need to use costly disposable diapers.
A MULTITUDE OF USES – Add these fabric pins to your first aid kit to help hold bandages and gauze together! Patch up torn clothing in an emergency and replace missing buttons on the go with these pins for clothes! Participate in consignment sales? Attach tickets to clothing and garments to hangers swiftly and efficiently with our box of safety pins!
HIGH-QUALITY AND DURABLE – Longer-lasting than other inferior safety pins, House Day’s safety pins bulk box have good tension making them easy to open and close. They are sturdy enough to pierce a number of fabrics and open from both sides for your convenience. These fabric pins won’t catch or snag materials and the point won’t dull even after repeated use.


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