Electrolux Fridge Freezer Upper Right / Lower Left Hand Door Hinge

Fits Models: EUF2330, EUG23800, EUF23700, IG 2080 N, IG208010N, EUG2243AOW, EUG2244AOW, IG2085N, EUGP2244AW, IG123N, IK224, ERO3420, IK331, IK3310RE, IK3310LI, ERG34800, IK331010, IK33110, ERG3313AOW, ERG3314AOW, IK331520, IK335, ERGP3314AW, IK3030Z, IK303010Z, ERG3093AOW, ERG3094AOW, IK303520Z, IK2800Z, IK280Z, IK280010ZR, IK280010ZL, IK28010Z, ERG2793FOW, IK2805ZR, IK2805ZL, IK28020Z
Genuine Electrolux Replacement Spare Part.


Price: $51.16
(as of Jun 13,2018 12:22:02 UTC – Details)

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