BOSCH Fridge Freezer DOOR HANDLE White 369542

Please email us with your model number, and any serial numbers, to confirm this part will fit your appliance.
Suitable for the following Bosch models- KGE3220GB/02, KGE3220GB/03, KGE3417GB/01, KGS3220GB/02, KGS3220GB/03, KGS3220GB/04, KGS3220GB/05, KGS3720GB/03, KGS3720GB/04, KGS3720GB/05, KGS3720GB/06, KGU32120GB/01, KGU32120GB/02, KGU32120GB/03, KGU32120GB/04, KGU32120GB/05, KGU32120GB/06, KGU32121GB/01, KGU3220GB/01, KGU3220GB/02, KGU34120GB/01, KGU34120GB/02, KGU34120GB/03, KGU34120GB/04, KGU3420GB/01, KGU3420GB/02, KGV2620GB/01, KGV2620GB/02, KGV2620GB/03, KGV2620GB/04, KGV2620GB/05, KGV3120GB/01, KGV3120GB/02, KGV3120GB/03, KGV3120GB/04, KGV3120GB/05, KGV3120GB/06, KGV31310GB/01, KGV3620GB/01, KGV3620GB/02, KGV3620GB/03, KGV3620GB/04, KGV3620GB/05, KSV2920GB/01, KSV2920GB/02, KSV3320GB/01, KSV3320GB/02Genuine replacement white door handle that fits various Bosch refrigeration.
This simple to fit door handle is an original manufacturer replacement. Perfect if the old handle has broken or failed.
Please be aware that all electrical items, eg pumps, are European voltage 220-240v not US voltage.
Manufacturer’s Code – 369542


Price: $46.90
(as of Jun 13,2018 12:27:33 UTC – Details)

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