LoilJ Essential Oil Diffusing Hexagon Double Wrap Bracelet or Choker – FW Obsidian Black

Enjoy the benefits of essential oils all day long with our diffusing choker or double wrap bracelet. This can work as a choker or worn as a wrapped bracelet for a beautiful versatile piece. Directly apply a few drops or roll on your desired essential oil to the knot, tassel or braid. Due to the absorbent nature of the suede, you will be able to enjoy the aromatic & topical benefits for days. Once you notice the aroma fading, simply reapply the oil, apply a new oil or layer a few to create a soothing blend. Each bracelet is handmade in Bend Oregon by two childhood best friends turned MOMpreneurs. We package each bracelet in a custom gift box that includes detailed instructions on how to use the essential oil diffusing bracelet. They are perfect for gifts or to enjoy yourself. Wear multiple bracelets at the same time to create a stylish stack.


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