HM&FC Black Fiberglass Exhaust Header Pipe Wrap 50 Ft (L) * 2 In (W)*0.06 In (T)

HM&FC Black Fiberglass Wrap- Durable, Tight woven 100% Fiberglass– easy to install natural thermal heat wrap.
One roll will wrap one medium header. Reduces under hood temperatures increases horsepower protects other engine components protects against burns.
A couple reasons to consider this upgrade:
–This wrap will help protect your wallet by increasing efficiency of the everyday vehicle.
— Extends engine life instant fuel savings, higher mpg proven to reduce under hood heat by up to 70%
— Easily installed by the novice and pro alike will reduce turbo lag will increase horsepower protects under hood wiring & electronics keeps the engine compartment cooler, protecting plastic parts, hoses, wiring etc from dry rot and early break down.
— use as a turbo wrap instead of a 400$ blanket wrap hot hoses supercharger hardware and more Also a great way to hide bluing, weld lines or just plain ugly pipes on older or custom made pipes installation100% fiberglass Color will not change below 550℃ (1000°F)
Includes 6 stainless steel zip ties
1 Roll black color measuring 2 inch wide X 1/16 Inch thick X 50 foot long roll
Thousands of uses from covering racing exhausts to motorcycles to heavy duty equipment
Easy to work with and very durable


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