GE Lighting H11 55NHX/BP2 Nighthawk Xenon Halogen Replacement Bulb, 2-Pack

GE Nighthawk Xenon headlamps are for enthusiast as well as casual Sunday drivers who appreciate superior light performance. Imagine driving down a narrow winding road and having significantly more light than GE’s standard halogen headlamps up to 120 percent more. The extra margin of confidence everyone enjoys. GE Nighthawk Xenon headlamps are DOT compliant for on-road use and easily install in minutes. GE incorporated several technological advances in its design: Ultra-fine filament, specialized coating and a Xenon gas charge to achieve maximum light output, while delivering a crisp, bright white light closer to daylight. Nighthawk Xenon is only sold in pairs to ensure uniform light and life performance. Take night driving confidence to a new level.With up to 120% more light compared to GE’s standard halogen headlamps, these lights provide exceptional visabilty to let you see what’s ahead
Produce a crisp, bright white light that is closer to daylight
DOT (Department of Transportation) compliant for street legal lighting
Easy to install in minutes. Replaces standard H11-55 headlamp/foglomp. Just plug them in and go.
Look to replace in pairs to ensure uniform light and life performance

GE Lighting

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