Classic Sleeve for Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro, Personalized, Brown. (GQ 100 BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD, 2018)

My sincere thank you for making my crafts: GQ 100 BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD, 2018

I handcraft each Classic Sleeve exclusively for Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro computers. I follow their same less is more design principles and share the same passion for perfect materials and manufacturing.

Lighter and harder than ever before, this is the third version of my first original design, which Gizmodo called their “all-time favorite laptop sleeve” and Steve Wozniak bought for his many laptops.

It is so precisely made that it comes with a lifetime warranty..

Each sleeve can be laser engraved with your name using Helvetica Neue Bold.

I make each sleeve specifically for each MacBook model. Please be accurate when placing your order. Each sleeve is crafted for a snug fit to your Mac, to give your Mac that custom suit look and feel.

For quickest respond, please send me a text to 408-357-9233. I look forward to making your sleeve. Alex

Each of my sleeves are made for a very specific Macbook size, and it requires several days of break-in period for the leather to form to your Mac, which means, it requires YOUR help to make this the perfect fitting sleeve for your Mac. Please double check your Macbook size and model year, Apple is currently selling multiple 13″ MacBooks, the sleeve will only fit exactly to the size ordered. Please double check your Mac. Send me a message if you need me to confirm with model/size Mac you have. I appreciate your business and patience. Alex

Picaso Lab

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