Corporate Credit Line (Revolving)

The Corporate Revolving Credit Line is designed for small-to-medium-size businesses that want convenient credit on and want the flexibility to make minimum monthly payments or pay in full each month.

Revolving Credit Line Features
Overall – 12.99% APR
– No annual fee
– Payment flexibility: Make low monthly payments or pay in full each month
– Consolidated monthly billing including itemized invoices
Purchasing Features – Purchasing control: Can only be used at
– Authorize multiple buyers on a single account through Amazon Business US
Statements & Billing – Itemized transactions and product-level details for each invoice on statement
– Flexible billing cycles
Customer Service – Online account management
– 24/7 customer service
Large business like libraries, schools, and government institutions may prefer the Corporate Pay-in-Full Credit Line,
which give you a minimum of 55 days to pay invoices. Learn more

Already have an Corporate Credit Line?

Manage Your Account

To make a payment, please visit Synchrony Bank and enter your credentials. You may also make a payment over the phone by calling Synchrony Bank at 1-866-634-8380, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Flexibility to make convenient monthly payments or pay in full each month
Monthly itemized statements that show purchases with product-level detail
No annual fee

Synchrony Bank

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