The Buttoned Down Mind Strikes Back

TITLE : The Buttoned Down Mind Strikes Back
ARTIST : Bob Newhart
LABEL : Warner Brothers
RECORD # : W1393 (original gray label mono)
DATE : 1960
NOTES : With his debut comedy album riding high on the album charts, Bob Newhart was quick to follow up with The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back, which was released later the same year. For the most part, it follows the patented Newhart style, being one half of a conversation or someone addressing a crowd. On this second collection, there is only one historical speculation, with Newhart wondering what a griper in George Washington’s army might have complained about. Otherwise, it deals with more up-to-the-minute concerns, such as budget airlines, just how they train bus drivers, talking people off of ledges, retirement, and the monkey’s role in the creation of great literature. The majority of this album is still reasonably fresh decades later and, even if the material isn’t quite up to the standards set by the first album, it’s still brilliant by any other measure.


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