Yuri Kinoshita: Mugen Infinity

Her web site: www.yurikinoshita.com
Original FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/383045518555908/

“Mugen” was not only be an exhibition, but a new technique to prepare tea. It will included a Ryurei style tea ceremony (using table & chairs instead of sitting on the traditional Tatami mat) and Pottery Northwest invited the public to participate. Everything for the ceremony; tools, a hot water heater, sweets, are hidden inside a 30” ceramic mountain. The inspiration for this work comes from the beautiful Sand Mountains at Kamigamo shrine in Kyoto, Japan.

Video Production – Ian Lucero Films
Music(used with permission) – “The Sacred Light of the New Day” by Paul Che oke ten Wagner
Photographs – Aurora Santiago & Kaoru Okumura

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Ian Lucero

Who Said You Could Do It Like This

LSG had a birthday. THe party fell on 911. The Sutherbrothers and all the frosties made art for a month of thursdays to mark these events. Music here by the great DJ Ztrip. The Personal Private is a n example of auto dj portrait…. or something … ask and follow Ellis Gallagher, Ellis G…. whatever you want to call him but late for dinner on all social and anitsocial media.

Video by Alex ITIN
Shout out to one Sly Fox for the glass toys.

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Alex Itin


A sculpture and projection installation that draws inspiration from a section in the poem ‘The Tobacco Shop’ by writer and poet Fernando Pessoa.

The installation was commissioned and presented by Monstra Animation Festival 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Sound design: Jasmine Guffond
Producer: EYEON www.eyeon.pt

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ilan katin

My Last Film

MY LAST FILM premiered at The 53rd New York Film Festival in September, 2015.

It stars, Lola Kirke, Kelly Rohrbach, Rosanna Arquette, Mac DeMarco, and Michael Cavadias and was directed by Zia Anger and shot by Ashley Connor.

If you have arrived here for a cathartic experience please consider a donation to the ACLU: https://www.aclu.org/.

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Zia Anger