Read N Learn Toddler Book

Narration, delightful animation, amazing sound effects, background music and all sorts of fun surprises await the little ones each book
Great variety in engaging activities like story-based interactive questions and fun facts for the little ones
Read along with our story tellers or personalize it by recording in your own voice
Improved learning outcome due to fun-filled approach
• Learn the alphabets and common words starting with those alphabets.
Learn how to draw alphabets (capital and small), numbers, shapes and patterns by tracing. Play with colors while drawing/tracing.
Record and play your own voice to remember the alphabet, words, numbers and shapes.
Learn to identify alphabets (big, small), numbers, counting ( 1-10), shapes and colors in a playful manner.
Learn, Practice and test spelling of rhyming words (e.g. words ending with ag like bag, tag), names of common objects, animals, fruits and vegetables in a playful manner

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