ARE 5 Review Manual for the Architect Registration Exam

Comprehensive Architect Registration Exam 5.0 Coverage
The ARE 5 Review Manual is the most comprehensive textbook for the Architect Registration Exam 5.0 (ARE 5.0). All six exam divisions are covered with thorough explanations for each of the division’s sections. Over 150 example problems demonstrate how to apply key architectural concepts, codes, and standards. Cross references to more than 100 tables and nearly 400 figures will point you to additional support material when you need it. The extensive index contains thousands of entries so you can prepare for the exam by easily finding division sections and concepts.

This book features
• thorough coverage of all divisions and their sections
• over 150 clarifying examples
• industry-standard terminology and nomenclature
• exam advice, tips, and strategies
After you pass your exam, the ARE 5 Review Manual will continue to serve as an invaluable reference throughout your architectural career.


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