She Believed She Could So She Did – A Daily Gratitude Journal | Planner

AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER! This is a PLANNER/Daily Gratitude Journal. 

“This is how I felt about becoming an editor as my career choice. After more than 25 years in the newspaper industry, I Believed I Could So I Did. Maybe YOU should believe, too.” –Rogena

As a journal, this has been our BESTSELLER. Now you can have this same beautiful cover on a DAILY PLANNER. Use this as a planner or a gratitude journal.

  • Two-page per week view. Undated. 
  • Marked with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. 
  • Each day has five lines to use as a place to write appointments or things you are grateful for each day.
  • Each journal has 52 Weeks
  • Each week includes an inspirational quote.
This cover is available as a JOURNAL, a PLANNER/Daily Gratitude Journal, and as a DOUBLE Journal with double the pages. 


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