Tango for Teachers: The tango matrix

The most advanced book on Argentine tango available on the market. This book presents, for the first time ever, the matrix of tango: a simple diagram with only six elements, that covers the internal structure of the dance from the point of view of the relationship between the Leader and the Follower. With a fresh view on tango concepts, vocabulary and teaching, this book is a must for every serious dancer of Argentine Tango. Preface page 7 The cultural aspect page 8 Basics page 13 Technique (embrace, walking, posture, the basic steps, sending and receiving impulse) Musicality (rhythm, simple time, half time, double time, milonga, vals, musical phrase, parts of the song, dancing coherence, melody, voice) Improvisation (motor improvisation, modifiers, musical improvisation, choreography) The party (codigos, cabeceo, mirada, ronda, tanda, navigation) The method (teaching, traps, the map of evolution) Concepts page 61 Directions Circularity Levels Momentum vs. Form The method – revisited Vocabulary page 81 Step patterns Elements (sacadas, barridas, paradas, boleos, ganchos, piernazzos, planeos) Figures The matrix page 103 Intermediate cell Advanced cell Basic cell The general matrix Teaching page 121 One thing at a time Class levels Explanations Feedback The connection Private lessons The team Conclusion page 133


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