Island Breeze Adult Coloring Book Set With 24 Colored Pencils And Pencil Sharpener Included: Color Your Way To Calm

Each Color Your Way To Calm adult Coloring book includes:

  • 48 SINGLE SIDED DETAILED IMAGES: Designs and images of beaches and tropical island scenery printed on high quality paper – perfect for coloring pencils, markers or crayons
  • 24 COLOR PENCILS: 12 double sided color pencils included so you can start coloring right away
  • PENCIL SHARPENER: Make sure your pencils are kept sharp so you can color in those detailed images and stay within the line
  • STORAGE CASE: Built in storage case inside the front flap to store your pencils and sharpener
  • A PROTECTIVE INLAY CARD: Acts as a tablet for a smooth coloring surface while protecting the sheets beneath from any marks or indents
  • TOP-BOUND BINDING: Makes our coloring books perfect for right handed and left handed artists
  • DETACHABLE PAGES: Perfect for easy framing and sharing
  • PERFECT SIZE: Each Coloring Book is 8″ x 8″ x 1″ inches perfect size to travel with
Color Your Way To Calm is a Brand New Adult Coloring Book Series. Every Adult Coloring Book in this series Includes Colored Pencils so you will have everything you need to start coloring.

The Color Your Way To Calm Adult Colouring Book series is the perfect adult coloring book set. With the included color pencils and pencil sharpener you have everything you need to start relaxing and creating your masterpiece.

Sometimes referred to as grown up coloring books, or coloring books for grownups the Color Your Way To Calm series of adult coloring books are the perfect books to use when you travel. Each book is 8 x 8 so it will fit perfectly in your bag. Help us make the Color Your Way To Calm series one of the adult coloring book best sellers.


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