Cello Playing for Music Lovers: A Self-Teaching Method

Cello Playing for Music Lovers provides beginners and intermediate cellists with an authoritative, step-by-step guide to learning how to read music and play it on your cello. On the accompanying CD, master cellist Erik Friedlander plays the book’s 116 varied selections chosen from folk tunes to a Bach Sarabande. The CD gives the reader aural feedback on how well he is doing. The book’s many photos show correct playing positions from first through fourth. Working with a good teacher certainly makes the complex process easier. However, this book puts the process in writing, making reviewing easier. It also covers more terrain than most books, which provide only exercises. Here you will find information on learning positions one through four, on music theory and playing with others, for example. Getting all your questions answered becomes more likely. A typical buyer said, “5 out of 5 stars – A Fantastic Journey for me and my Cello . . . . I live in a part of East Texas with no instructor available so I bought a level 1 book at the local music store. After about a week, I had more questions and no answers. I spent a few hours on the Internet and learned of Vera Jiji’s wonderful book. . . . I immediately found the book answering my questions. The book is easy to understand and follow…Have no doubts, if you are learning the Cello, you will love this book!” – Michael L., Jefferson, TX.accompanied by CD that plays all selections


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